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A Website That Creates Recurring Revenue. Just Press “Publish”.

Website URL:
Company:Big Ideas Publishing, LLC and Copywriter Cafe.
Description:Coaching, training and mentoring services for freelance writers

Designing a Website for Successful Revenue Generation

The coach wanted a revenue-producing membership website that would extend his brand and create a new stream of passive income. 

I got to work and retooled the his existing blog and informational website into a membership home base as well a private paid membership forum. In addition to a discussion forum the work included a content library accessible only to paying members, to add additional value.

More Technical Details

Standard software was used where possible. The forum software plugin Simple:Press is used for the member forum. The WordPress plugin Paid Memberships Professional provides the membership, billing and site security features. 

I also developed PHP “glue” code in the website back-end that links Paid Memberships Pro to Simple:Press so that the forum operation is keyed to each member’s payments. 

Designing the Discussion Environment for Greater Profits

This was not simply a heads down technical task. Based on my deep understanding of the community that the coach was building his site for, I created a set of named sections for specific subject topics. 

In addition I provided end user help pages to assist users and new members with aspects of using the site, such as registration and payment procedures. 

And I provided extensive handholding during and after launch of the website. 


The features of this membership extension to the website include:

  • Members-to-be can enroll and pay online in a self service mode and gain immediate access to paid member features.
  • Payments are collected immediately with Paypal.
  • Recurring payments are automatically charged to each member for their monthly subscriptions
  • Multiple forums and discussion are fully supported. Future group member levels (basic and premium subscriptions) are keyed to sets of forums being visible only to those who pay for the more premium content.
  • Member privacy is respected: the user discussions on the website aren’t indexed by Google nor are available to non-registered visitors. 
  • Premium content such as member-accessible e-books can be viewed and downloaded by logged in members of the community.
  • Premium content is protected against hotlinking. All downloadable resources such as e-books can only be accessed and downloaded while logged in as a member.

Little Miami Web Works thoroughly tested all aspects of this site before delivery, including content delivery, forum membership, and the payment system. All before allowing real life users to access the site.

Revenue Success and Fast Payoff

The membership site went live with paying customers in September, 2015. Even though the owner had no prior experience with operating an online paid membership community, I provided the support necessary to bootstrap it and I helped onboard a base of paying users.

The site in its delivered form has generated several thousand dollars per month in revenue for its owner every single month since going live. 

How I’ll Make Your Membership Site a Success

I have three key advantages that few of my competitors possess – which enables me to build highly customized membership and product delivery sites:


  1. Extensive online community experience through social media as well as “message boards.” I understand not only the technical features necessary but also the culture of online discussion. I’ll help you plan your new community for maximum revenue and engagement.
  2. Rock-solid delivery.  I plan, design, and thoroughly test e-commerce sites so that they’re reliable, stable and deliver exactly what your customers expect to pay for.
  3. A Customer Centered Work Ethic. I’ll propose a website project that makes sense for your business and your budget. And I’ll propose all technical work with clarity and honesty.
Recommendation by Steve Roller for website project.

I’ll Build You a Website that Earns You Monthly Revenue. Find Out More.

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