For the Eyes of Small Business Owners Only.

Do any of these statements seem too close for comfort for you?

  1. Are you getting the word out about your business? Wouldn’t you like to get the increased publicity and exposure that a quality website can bring your business?
  2. Has something held you back from getting a website built? Such as failed past website attempts? Or irritation with technology? Or “tech geeks” trying to take your money for vague reasons? Or even your understandable reluctance to talk about yourself or your business? 
  3. Are you ready to stop wasting your valuable time on past problems and finally get the website your business needs?

If the answer to any or all three questions is even a “conditional YES”, then we really should talk.

Website Builder Guy: Don Wallace

“Website Builder” Guy: Don Wallace of Little Miami Web Works.

Hello. I’m Glad We Met. 

I’m Don Wallace, owner of Little Miami Web Works, based in Lebanon, Ohio.  A website provider who serves profitable businesses on the move.  Like yours. 

I build websites for fellow entrepreneurs and practical dreamers – like you, perhaps. You work very hard on a better life for yourself and your family – by using your invested money, skills and sweat to create and grow your own business. And I help you succeed. 


Spend Less, Get More and Better. How I Defy The Laws of Economics to Help You. 

Resources are always scarce and you probably have just one shot to do a website right. If you operate a real business, you can afford a custom website from Little Miami Web Works. My pricing to create a custom website that materially helps a small business like yours is truly modest and realistic. 
How do I combine a high positive impact on your business with realistic website pricing? By working smarter than most other web shops and developers. I cut out extraneous effort and focus on what’s really important for your success. There are two key advantages I share with you…
Technology advantage. I’ve been “geek” decades before it was cool to openly admit. Building websites is easy for me. So is my grasp of the stack of useful and reliable technology that supports small business websites. 
Marketing advantage. In short: I learn your business first before I build your site.  And, I use what is most helpful to bring you new customers and clients in terms of marketing support. 
Frankly, “high level” copywriting and vaguely stated marketing services are excessively hyped-up for small businesses. 
Forget agencies (whether ad or web), and forget “Mad Men”. You don’t need a $25,000 direct response sales letter written by an industry pro. Also this is not one of those offshore SEO things that keep sending you spam and badgering you. You need a good website before you even think about SEO.

I Deliver What You REALLY Need… Real Life Results.

Your business needs to acquire more customers. It will happen through search engine (Google) visibility and social media compatibility. I’ll work hard to create a website for you that your best and highest probability customers and prospects can find easily. How? Your website from Little Miami Web will pop up in search results when your likeliest customers search for the business they need with Google, Bing or Yahoo on their phones or desktop PC. Your new website can also contain offers, blog articles, and custom pages that you can link from your social media accounts. 
You need an online “base of operations” that can’t be sabotaged by big company decisions. Your business needs online marketing that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media site policy-makers won’t block, cancel, or saddle with new restrictions. Your own business website is your property with few restrictions on what or how you can say or sell. And you don’t have to pay just to reach potential customers.
Finally – you need intelligent, experienced personal attention to make this all happen economically. I learn about your business and use that knowledge to craft the right copy, images, website appearance, and functions for you.  A website that clearly shows what you do for customers with the pizzazz, style and eye appeal. To be viewed, bookmarked, and shared. 


Or, Hold onto your wallet! 🙂

Does it seem to you like a mortal sin to pay for a website? A fluffy intangible website?
You should ask a much more important question – do you want your business to succeed?
I’m talking about custom-building your online presence – your website, or even an online store – on a fee basis. These fees are pretty modest when weighed against the new customers, greater prestige and increased sales that one of my websites will make happen for you.
Get your website done, finally. Contact me. 

Let’s start the conversation.

Power through your “website obstacle” and contact me right now.

I’ll  give you valuable insight into your unique situation if we wind up conversing. You have absolutely nothing to lose. I won’t sugar coat my assessment, either. We may choose to not work together. If we do, we’ll both know that it’s the right decision for you.

And please note that I’m not a professional sales person … I build stuff for a living as you probably do  … which means that I won’t use stressful, irritating mind games and manipulation if you decline to move forward. 

If you just can’t wait, here’s my direct contact info.


Phone (weekdays): 513.760.5699

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Phone (weekdays): 513.760.5699