Welcome, brave tester! :)

Thanks for offering to take a look at my marketing funnel. The entire thing should only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time, more if you read more deeply and linger. 

(NOTE: this page you are looking at now is part of my website but is a BLANK PAGE for testing purposes. It has none of the menus or embellishments of the public website.  You’ll have to go to littlemiamiweb.com to view the complete site. But that is not part of this test, just in case you are interested.)

Also, please don’t critique the ad text on this page too harshly. I have been editing it. I know it’s a bit weak in this version. The actual pages I link from these ads are what I intend to go live with real soon. 

Just let me know at don@littlemiamiweb.com if anything breaks for you or is not understandable in its own right.

To get started looking at this, just click either sample ad below (similar to the ad I will be running.)

Here is what you can expect (please read before clicking):

1) Enter your name and email in the first page that comes up as indicated. Click the “Get the brochure now” button. 

2) WAIT for a new page to appear. It will have the title “Thanks for Requesting Information on the Business Website Offer!”. Please note how long it takes for this new page to appear. If it never appears after a minute or so, end the test and let me know. If it does appear note how long it took to appear.  (I have a speed issue here with some visitors.)

3) When you are on the “Thanks for Requesting Information on the Business Website Offer!” page, it will have two links: One says “Click this link to download the brochure and details for the $500 Business Website.” The other says “If you prefer to view a web page, the same information is available here.” with a clickable link on the “here”. Please click either link and quickly review the page which is the offer. Let me know what you think of the offer.

4) Overall please give me a emotional impression of this overall process from the perspective of someone interested in a “value” website for a business. Was it something you’d see doing, or would you resist what I am asking, or is it too slow, or does some part of this not seem like something you’d bother with? Any impression, negative or positive. 

THANK YOU. I’ll return the favor if you need any testing or review done of your stuff.