The Unique Website: Marketing for YOUR Business.

Your Business is as Unique as YOU Are.

You are a snowflake. We’re not kidding.

So why on earth would you accept anything less from your website than the essence of what makes your business special?

Little Miami Web Works “does special”.

We build websites for singular businesses with vision, like yours. Find out more.

Websites for Startup Businesses

Are you a technology startup? Or a new brick-and-mortar storefront business such as a restaurant or small retail shop?

If you need to look into a website for your new business – you’re at the right place.

Startup businesses like yours need to conserve capital and operating expenses while they launch.

We get that. Little Miami Web Works is all about value.  We provide more breadth of must-have services related to website design than many larger shops.

In addition to mere website design (!) we also provide:

  • E-commerce systems – online payments for products and for subscription based services, including downloadable products.
  • Copywriting and website copy – we do copy in-house. Copy is the lifeblood of your website and helps your potential customers find you online.
  • Content marketing – we can advise on tactics and strategies and we can set up mailing list landing pages to build a mailing list. We also handle integration with mailing list providers like MailChimp and AWeber.
  • Support for online pay per click ads campaigns – we can create landing pages that you always need as a destination for PPC ad campaigns.

And so much more. Just ask us.

Re-Energize Your Established Business With a New Website.

You’ve made your mark.

Your business has weathered startup challenges, cash flow issues, and keeping pace with the competition.

A new website, or an online marketing initiative, sends one powerful message to your customers and competition alike:

You’re a force to be reckoned with.

If you choose to work with us, Little Miami Web Works will learn your business, your personality, and how your customers see you. We’ll build a website atop your business as a platform.

A marketing platform that fits your image, your style, and your place in the market… Perfectly.

Websites for Freelancers

Your natural creativity is burning a hole in your mind. Almost as fast as your cash is burning through (and straight out of) your wallet.

You need new clients. Stat. And you have bills to pay.

Pay for a website? Are you nuts? – you say. YES. A thousand times yes.

We mean YES you should consider creating a website for your one person freelancing business. (As far as the “nuts”, we’re all a little “nuts”.)

You need a marketing platform in order for clients to take you seriously. Social media and online portfolio sites are great. But in this era when people’s pets have Facebook pages, you need to show that you and your freelancing have substance.

We’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind website that sends a distinct message. Your unique strengths. And the value you add to your clientele’s businesses. Unlike social media, your website can have any style you like. 

Prices start at $750 for a fully-featured WordPress site that you can extend on your own. Alternative payment terms may be available.

Are You In Business? Are You Unique? Heck YES.

Uniqueness is your strength. Capitalize on your strengths with a website designer who understands that special sauce starts with personality, image and strength of character.

Call or write us today and we’ll discover together how to highlight your company’s advantages – online.

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