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Almost all businesses today need a website. Today not having a website is like not having a phone line. The business website contains marketing information and content that identifies your business to the general public.  A website establishes your identity as a business, creates trust, tells the public what you do and who you serve, and why you’re a great choice.

The website provides your marketing image and information about your business to the general public. Think of your business website as your online brochure, but with many times the power to inform and persuade than any paper brochure ever had.

A website can also be a key part of your sales and onboarding process for new customers. You can provide an email list to keep customers informed. A blog to publish your point of view or news about your industry. Schedules of operation, menus, or product and services details. Special offers.  Any and everything that your visitors or customers may want to know when planning to visit your business, use your services, or work with you.

Do you have a vision but no idea how to turn your vision into reality? And you’re not ready to say that you need a new website? The  paid consultation is an ideal option for you.

The consultation will be a high-value, enlightening and informative analysis of your website business goals and the specific way in which we can help you achieve those goals.

What’s Involved? Plan for a total of 1 hour to 90 minutes of phone time, at most, plus a quantity of email exchanges. Together we will explore exactly what you expect from your website, in the context of your business. We will talk about whatever your website project demands: technology alternatives, custom hosting solutions, e-commerce and payment mechanisms, content delivery, content marketing needs by email or with a blog, social media integration with your site.

Little Miami Web Works can design, build, test, and deploy websites that provide income from your website visitors.

We can build a website for you that contains the payment mechanism, including a shopping cart, that enables web visitors to purchase your products, services or memberships from you … and pay you online.

How are payments received? Your merchant credit card processing account receives the incoming customer payments. This can be a Paypal business account, or one of several available popular merchant payment processing accounts.

The e-sales website is a high performance business website in every other way. It will contain branding, your own content, email list signup, landing pages, and SEO (search engine optimization) features that will create a great marketing channel for your business.

Once your site is completely built and ready to go, you’ll need a way to show the website to your internet audience. The service that does this for you is called web hosting. Little Miami Web Works has a comprehensive website operating solution for your new site: our website management service.

Almost all web hosts – especially the countless cheap hosts advertising $5 and under a month hosting  – are entirely “self service.”  They never, ever tell you that. That means: any problems that come up are yours alone to deal with. Websites are VERY technical. Are you READY to assume that total control?

We work differently. When we host your website, your site (and you) are actively taken care of. Our hosting service is a true “concierge” service that assures the constant uptime and correct operation of your website. Exactly like a real life concierge, we take care of all problems that come up silently, intelligently, and discreetly – without waiting to ask you.

Pricing begins at $30/month for “light” concierge service of simple sites and includes our fast web hosting.

Let’s Discuss What Your Business Needs to Do Next.

… in terms of a new website, online marketing, or other technology need. Give us a shout.

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