Technical, Creative and Marketing Services

Little Miami Web Works provides website services for clients. These include technical, creative and marketing services. These services are apart from our website development packages.

These services include website maintenance, our fast active website hosting servicescopywriting and marketing development, and design and logo development.

Do-It-Yourselfer Support: Website Services for Ruggedly Independent Types 🙂

Do you want to do your own website in-house? Or on your own? But you need a helping hand? Little Miami Web Works can help.

We have special pricing for the following services:

  • Startup From Scratch: a flexible, personalized service where we help you progress from just thinking about a website, to owning a solid start at a hosted website with a custom domain name. You can take it from there and build your site and learn and save money.
  • Website Hosting and Domain Setup Consultation – we’ll help you register a domain and tie it to a high value, low cost hosting service. We can assist with SSL (secure website) setup. It’s a jungle of providers out there – we can help.
  • Basic WordPress Theme and Security Plugin Setup for Your Website – select a WordPress theme, install vital plugins that increase the security of your website, and show you around.
  • Disaster and Recovery – If your self built  WordPress site fouls up and stops working, we may be able to help.
  • Consultation – Rather than pay for an entire website package, you may need an expert mentor to ask questions, help with tough spots, and provide important technical and marketing perspective on constructing a website that serves your needs.

Call 513-760-5699 to inquire, email, or use the contact form.

Website Maintenance: Break/Fix Services for Your WordPress (and other) Websites

Did you lose your web designer? (Or did your website designer lose you?) You can get help now.

Our key value-added website service picks up where other website designers left off.

Even if we didn’t design your current website, we may be able to help you. We provide technical maintenance and support for existing websites. It’s a safety net service for your website.

In some cases, we can do more. We may be able to make limited design changes for you or even programming changes.

We service the following types of websites on Linux based hosts. This includes most popular hosts such as Godaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, and others. This also includes any “CPanel” type shared hosting. We also support dedicated and VPS (cloud based) servers.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Microsoft “Frontpage” style or other non-software based manually uploaded website. (Please ask if you’re not sure. We can take a look and advise you.)
  • Other custom “content management system” based websites, on Linux. (Again, please ask if you’re not sure.)

Active Website Management and Hosting Services

Our active website management service is a “concierge” service that’s focused solely on the constant uptime and correct operation of your website.

Exactly like a real life concierge, we take care of all problems silently, intelligently, and discreetly, without waiting to ask you. Very fast hosting is included with this service, making it extremely cost-effective for your business.

Copywriting and Marketing Development

We can provide you with copywriting services. We’re affordable and we can provide turnkey support. We also provide higher-level marketing support.

We work with a network of highly experienced copywriters and online marketing professionals. They can create copy that results in new leads and sales for your business.

If you need, we’ll even take responsibility for creating new pages on your website. This includes entering marketing copywriting and content into your website. We can provide new website pages  and PDF files of content that we develop for you.
We can also help you with email marketing campaigns, content marketing, and other  business marketing needs.

Design and Logo Development

We have a network of graphic artists based in the US and overseas with particular strengths in different business niches. We can help you outsource your logo cost-effectively. We also include logo development as part of our website service package, if you need it.

Do You Have a Website  but No Website Person? We’re “So There” For You.

You may already have a website and a clearly-thought-out strategy in place for your website. Now you just need help implementing your idea. We can help.

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