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Why Bona Fide Experts Like You Have Struggling Businesses

I feel your pain - literally.  As a well experienced, dedicated technology worker active through several decades, I've struggled with building and operating even the tiniest business in my domain that didn't experience multiple serious problems from time to time. And...

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What is Web Hosting? (the quick “dummy primer”)

You had a website built. And now well-informed people (such as your web designer, perhaps) are telling you that you need web hosting. What is web hosting, exactly? Hosting in general means to provide a place to stay, or to live. Example: You host your in-laws over the...

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Should You Use Windows or Linux Website hosting?

Background: What Does "Hosting" Mean? How do people around the world - or even in your town - see your website? Because there is a special-purpose computer that constantly displays your website online, 24x7. That special purpose computer is a web server. It has two...

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How Do I Reach New Customers With My Website?

Unless you set up your website for personal, ego, or purely "image" reasons, you're probably interested in learning how your website can help develop new customers for your business.   For your website investment to work hard for your business, you have to set the...

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About the Name and the Logo for Little Miami Web Works

Where Does the Name Come From? Little Miami Web Works is based in Lebanon, Ohio. It's 6 miles to the west of the Little Miami River, scenic State Park, and watershed. That's the "Little Miami" part of the name. The "Web" fits our business - delivering...

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