Your Website Starts with YOU.

You start the process. Your businessYour concept … Your ideas… Just pick up the phone or email us. We’ll schedule a time to talk.


Consultation, Discussion and Planning

Roll up your sleeves with us and talk with us about what your business really needs. Business goals, strategy, your future plans … and of course, YOUR BUDGET – all on the table. We all arrive at a clear mutual understanding of the type of website or online project that can benefit your business.

Business Comes Next

We’ll work with you under a signed contract with an attached milestone plan and pre-agreement on all costs up-front. This avoids unpleasant surprises, misunderstandings, and delays. Once you send us a down payment for your project, we’ll begin working on your new website.

Little Miami Web - That's US - Gets to Work.

Design, Build, Test, Deliver. Now we’re cooking! Little Miami Web will start work on the nuts and bolts, bits and bytes, and words and images of your business’s new creation. Be expecting requests from us to you for marketing information, background details, your wishes on the design, and other important aspects of your project. You always have final say on what goes into your website.

Delivery. See Your "New Born".

Your site’s ready for prime time. Your website is now visible on the World Wide Web. Choose a hosting package or provider from several different service options and price-points. We can help with ongoing affordable service contracts that keep your website investment visible to the world, secure for visitors and for you, and sending your business top-quality new leads and sales like clockwork.


But WAIT ... There's MORE!


Not really! More like a renewal of your business in the best possible way.

A great website with compelling messages, search engine visible so customers can find you, clean and crisp design… all result in more customer confidence and better revenue for you.