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Company:Professional Pen Copywriting
Description:High level outsourced marketing services for technology businesses

Anthony Sills of Berlin, NJ is a copywriter who provides marketing services to SaaS and other technology clients. His high-end service offering includes email marketing, website conversion optimization, and implementation of sales funnels.

When he needed a website that targets this market with his services he contacted me. I built this marketing website.

A topmost priority of this design was a clean, open look with easy-to-read, yet impressive typography that conveys a strong image of quality and professionalism. The serif fonts used in the headings and the body copy both have a businesslike yet informal feel.

I provided the physical layout and technical contribution to the site. Anthony specified every page, its content, and the several lead generation options that visitors may use. The lead generation types are varied. One is a contact form that is more – the visitor must qualify their needs in detail. Email list signups are provided for Anthony’s blog. And free “buzz pieces” or information packages that visitors must enter an email address to obtain are also provided.

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