Freelancer’s Website Improvement

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Company:Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services
Description:Copywriting services for real estate agencies

We redesigned a a freelance copywriter’s website. The writer is Shelly Moreau, a freelance copywriter located in Ottawa, Ontario. Online presence is an essential marketing tool for Shelly. She serves copywriting clients in the surrounding region and across Canada and the United States.

Shelly needed to improve and update her existing WordPress based website.  So we mutually set the following goals:

  • More distinctive look and branding and elimination of many visual problems such as ragged contact forms.
  • Mobile Responsive Design. Shelly’s original site was not responsive. Mobile compatibility gets Shelly’s message across to as many prospects as possible.
  • Added standard information areas such as page headers and footers rich with business information and easy to find contact information.
  • Consulting on the logo image. The new logo is mobile-friendly and has proportions that make it work well either on the desktop or on mobile.


The result of this website engagement is a vastly improved, yet very familiar website. One that Shelly continues to make her own with new blog posts and tweaks to the site.

Could Your Business Web Site Use a Facelift?

We’d like to suggest a facelift for your website. Revised technology, freshened content, and a vastly improved presentation.

We can take your current site and give you back an up-to-date website. A site that says that your business is ready for business – today. 

We don’t rebuild everything. We take the best of what you have now in your website, and we “clothe” it in trappings that fit this year’s digitally sophisticated marketing scene.

Your visitors and customers will be impressed with:

  • Improved message and visual flow
  • Design and message optimized for your brand
  • Customer benefits front and center
  • Mobile responsive with a website that looks great on phones as well as PCs
  • Reorganized content

and it doesn’t have to cost a ton.

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