Responsive E-Commerce Site for Startup Online Jewelry Business

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Company:Lady Fair Finery, LLC, Lebanon, NJ.
Description:Online seller of vintage look jewelry and women's accessories is an online website that sells jewelry directly to customers. My client wanted a way to make make her unique skill and vision in sourcing attractive jewelry that evokes a Jazz Age style and chic sensibility pay off.

Inside the E-Commerce provides self-service online ordering that acts, feels and works just like one of the largest e-commerce businesses.  The website uses the WooCommerce plugin for customer payments. WooCommerce “talks” to a Paypal business account for revenue generation

Customer experience was everything here. There’s a shopping cart, expanding product images, and customer service integrated into the site.

When the user is ready to pay for their purchase, the web site doesn’t direct them to an outside payment processor page. All payment activities happen right inside, which completes the branded experience. This is possible with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) used on this site to permit payment to be branded and integrated tightly with the website’s look and feel. is responsive and fully functional on a mobile phone or desktop computer.

Could Your Business Use an E-Commerce Site?

You may want to consider your own website for directly selling your products.

Why would you make this investment?

  • Brand building – your own brand, not riding the coattails of a huge e-commerce company as a low level partner.
  • Lower Sales Commissions than selling through an e-commerce portal such as Ebay
  • Marketing flexibility. You can do anything you like with your own website: blogs, downloadable content, mailing lists, coupon specials, sales promotions.
  • Cleaner sharing on social media and in emails. Your offer isn’t embedded inside Ebay or Amazon or Etsy.

Build Your Brand Online. And Make Money At It.

Building your own website that sells products and services directly is the next logical step up for your business. You leave the “digital sharecropping” model of relying upon the branding, the tools, and the name of a large business.  And you build your own brand with your own products, your own look, and your own marketing approach.

Make no mistake, an e-commerce site is a huge quantum step above the common “business brochure” sites that every business operates.  E-commerce sites demand technical expertise and business and design skills to build properly.

That’s exactly where Little Miami Web Works comes in. We can create the e-commerce site that will let your business take wings.

Other Pages from the Site

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The LadyFairFinery Shopping Cart.

LadyFairFinery’s Payment Page – hosted within the website.

Let’s Talk About Your Online Store.

Sell directly to your customers, cut out the fees to middlemen, and control the experience for your visitors. Just call or email.

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