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Company:Tedesco Remodeling & Painting, LLC, Hamilton, Ohio
Description:Boutique remodeling business serving residential customers.

Tedesco Remodeling & Painting, LLC has had a website presence with Little Miami Web Works since 2007.

I created this new site to support Tedesco’s marketing. This new, fully responsive website looks and works great on a phone, tablet or a PC.

I followed two core ideas in building this site for Tedesco Remodeling:

  • Lead Generation comes first. Contact forms and direct contact information are provided throughout the site on every page. Chris Tedesco receives business leads from the website in his email and by phone. 
  • Seeing is believing.  There’s no stock photography in Tedesco’s site. Every single image comes from a project that Chris Tedesco installed for a client. 

Chris T.  reports that incoming emails from the contact form and the email address on the website are a significant source of new customers for his business.

Could Your Small Business Use a Web Site?

Image is everything. An up-to-date, mobile-friendly website that works well both on desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile phones says that your business is ready for business – today. 

Business value is important, too. If the investment doesn’t earn you dollars, it doesn’t make cents or sense. A website will help you earn more money through incoming lead generation and better engagement with customers and prospects.

Cost?  Think Value.

Without a website, you appear very small-time. Today some consumers may assume that if they can’t “Google” you, then you don’t exist, or you aren’t for real. Cruel and perhaps inaccurate, but that’s the market today.

Having a good, modern website is absolutely critical for your business image. A website today replaces what yellow pages listings used to be: a “least common denominator” of a real business.

A new or rebuilt website doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. We can build a very nice starter website for most small businesses for $1000 and up, depending on your needs.

Don’t fool around. Invest in your business and grow your revenue.

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