“Long Sales Letter” Site for Telemarketer

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Company:Bluebeard Interactive, Chicago, IL
Description:Telemarketing, consulting services and analytics provider.

The updated company information website for Bluebeard Interactive of Chicago, IL is a fully responsive layout with a long style home page that highlights important aspects of Bluebeard’s business. Bluebeard’s clientele, the tools and systems they support, and their business reputation are all on one page.

Information-rich inner pages provide the prospective B2B customer of Bluebeard a window into how Bluebeard supports their sales, marketing and consumer intelligence requirements. Client logos add trust elements to the site.

We’re told that Bluebeard’s clients regularly complement this website.  Bluebeard’s clients can easily find the information they need to make a decision to use Bluebeard’s services.

Could Your Business Web Site Use a Facelift?

Image is everything. An up-to-date, standards-compliant website that works well both on desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile phones says that the business is ready for business – today. 

If your website doesn’t convey the best image of your business or your team, we’d like to suggest a facelift. Revised technology, freshened content, and a vastly improved presentation.

Just as with a surgical facelift, the type of improvement we’re talking about doesn’t mean that we rebuild everything.

It just means that we take the best of what you have now in your website, and we “clothe” it in trappings that fit into today’s digitally sophisticated marketing scene.

We’re talking about:

  • Improved flow
  • Design and message optimized for your brand
  • Customer benefits front and center
  • A website that looks great on phones as well as PCs
  • Reorganized content

and it doesn’t need to cost a ton.

We Can Upgrade Your Current Website. Contact Us.

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